2017: A Golden New Year

A Golden 2017 to you all.

I offer a Golden Cheescake on this first day of 2017. Preparing and eating gold and yellow food is a traditional way to celebrate a new year. Yes it has a spicy ginger cookie crust. And a smooth, deep lemony lip-puckering cream cheese & double cream filling. And yes it’s delicious.

This cheesecake, for me, offers a literal palate cleanser for entering the New Year. The golden sharp lemon & hot ginger figuratively evoke bounty, prosperity & luck. At the same time they provide a cleansing, both literal & symbolic. I prepare this cake late at night, as the dusk turns into inky blackness. Calmness abounds, both within & without, as I stir, & mix, & pour. The preparation & eating is utterly  pleasurable. This process is not negative or hateful or regretful. It is a clearing away of the past to make way for whatever may come in the new days ahead. A clean slate by way of food.

May you all enter into 2017 with calmness. I offer you food & a clean slate & the joy that comes with reaching out towards whatever bounty you may seek.



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