Experiments In Cream #1

Having sensitive skin with eczema coupled with a need to moisturize and care for my growing canvass of tattoos, whipping up batches of homemade organic tattoo balm has become my first creative endeavour for 2017.

Its only week one and having just begun the process my enthusiasm is currently at a rapid boil. That aside, I am astounded to discover that standing with a bowl under one arm and a mixer in the other, watching liquid oil and butter morph into emulsified fluffy clouds, is immensely satisfying. And wonderfully calming. The whir of the beaters cut through with  periodic scraping down of the bowl, as the growing pool of cream slowly creeps up its sides, like a spider scurrying to get away, induces a somewhat sopophoric state. I’ve found myself smiling down into the bowl as the white fluffy marshmellow puffs up to meet my gaze. Calmness through simple kitchen organic chemistry.

Coming up with a cream that balances density, smoothness and lightness is the goal. Batch two is on the way. Enjoy the snowy cold weather folks.



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