L’Épiphanie galette des rois. 

Oui. Yes. L’Epiphanie 2017 Galette Des rois. Epiphany cake. King Cake. A Photo set.

Galette des rois is traditionally made in France and across many parts of Europe in January to celebrate The Solemnity of the Epiphany on January 6. Epiphany is a celebration of the journey of the Magi, the Three Kings of Europe, Africa and Asia, to visit the newly born baby Jesus, the Christ Child, in Jerusalem.

Gently warmed chocolate & butter are mixed with powdery ground almonds, rum, eggs, and sugar into a soft paste. Two discs of buttery pastry sandwich this dark mixture. La feve or a charm is placed into the filling. The person who receives the piece holding the charm is crowned king for the day. Although Epiphany is a decidedly Christian holiday, this custom of using a charm is borrowed from the Roman celebration of Saturnalia and is but one example of pagan ritual being absorbed into Christian liturgical tradition.

For 2017 the feve comes courtesy of Hot Topic. Yes that Hot Topic, the music/comic/teen fashion emporium found at every mall across the country. A ‘Yes’ planchette was chosen for this year’s galette to symbolize the renewal and opportunity offered by the New Year and as a nod to the gifts given to the Christ Child so long ago by the Three Kings.

More on my undying love for HT in a future post.

With quick fingers, the galette is pressed together, the top criss-crossed with the back of a knife and is then set to bake until its chocolate-filled center is crowned with a flaky, deeply golden carapace. A dessert fit for any King.

Oui. Yes. To 2017 and all that the New Year brings.






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