Metal Mornings 9 Metallica Orion

Metal Mornings 9 No words today. There is already too much chatter. And noise. Who owns who, who is pulling whose strings. Blah. Blah. Blah. Stuff and nonsense. Calmness is therefore the order of the day. The Orion Instrumental from Master Of Puppets is today’s selection for Metal Mornings. To get to my happy place Metallica is more often than not my first port of call. Rolling thumping drums, expansive, thick sweeping guitars and a constant pounding heavy bass. As those first bars pour out of the headphones I’m transported to another place. This piece of music is so pretty. It’s thrash metal that is also atmospheric. The riffs raise you up and drawn you in, lifting you and spinning you about. I don’t think its a coincidence that the song is titled Orion. Orion is one of the prettiest constellations. If your in the West right now, the stars are still in the sky, & dawn is more than a little while away. Look up, kick back and let James, Lars, Kirk & Cliff ease you into the day. Oh, and if you need a little more, keep the record playing.



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