Metal Mornings 11 Epica Storm The Sorrow

Metal Mornings 11 The epic Epica from The Netherlands, that’s Holland for all you Seinfeld fans. Listening to some older Epica this morning on the heels of their newish album, The Holographic Principle. When I’m in the mood for sweeping instrumentation that is still heavy and loud, symphonic metal is what I want. Like so many other metalheads, Epica is my favorite symphonic metal band. Their delicate melodies, grinding guitars and the ethereal voice of vocalist Simone Simons push the boundaries of what metal music is can be. Simons’s voice would not be out of place in a church choir or on an opera stage. The visuals for the band explore the dark/light paradigm prevalent in the art direction of so much contemporary metal music. Similarly Epica’s live shows are a mixture of furious pit jumping & more relaxed rocking out. The best of both worlds.

Enjoy the weekend, Aleksa.


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