Metal Mornings 12 The Mighty Skid Row

On this fine Saturday morning Metal Mornings 12 is the mighty, mighty Skid Row & their magnificent,  grandiose anthem, ‘I Remember You’. When I was in elementary school Skid Row were the hair metal band that it was cool to like. Some kids liked Warrant better, others Motley Crew & one or two weird kids held a torch for Poison. To paraphrase Vinnie Paul, HELL No!  We all loved Skid Row. A word on Sebastian Bach’s hair. I thought he was a modern day Rapunzel. I kinda still do. How could someone who looked like he stepped out of fairytale sing like that, hit those high notes, move his fingers along the fret all the while shaking that lion’s mane. Spun gold and high notes in tight spandex and bandanas, shirts optional.  I can hear my almost teenage self sighing in delight.

Sing along at the absolute very top of your lungs. Skid Row, I Remember You.

Happy Weekend Folks, Aleksa.


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