Metal Mornings 13 Otep Ghost Flowers

Early Sunday morning up fiddling with the sketches of my cherry blossom tattoo that covers the left side of my back. Thinking about adding darker shading and a little more detail with fine lines. Going back to the original ideas to see how my vision for this piece developed is providing lots of inspiration. So Ghost Flowers by Otep is a more than obvious choice for today’s Metal Mornings episode 13. That first sketch is a little crude, kind of messy and a little grungy. That’s me on a good day. The piece on my back is clean lines, precise placement and delicate detail in fine black ink. That’s me after coffee and a bath.

“You will know me the scars I bear

You will know me from the hate I swear”

So sings Otep Shamaya, vocalist for Otep.

Drawings that become my tattoos are literally and figuratively scars that I bear. Even the drawings borne out of darker places are rendered anew once the needle starts tapping into my skin. Ghosts of the past are shaped into something for the present, something new and better. Fear and hate become strength and joy which each new sketch. Layers are added and taken away, lines are drawn and redrawn, until something pure emerges and I put the pencil down. The process of creating them transports me to a place of calmness in a way  few other things can. I wear them on my body with pride. The first drawings I did of cherry blossoms date back to the mid 90s in high school. I continue to add to them. Creating art is a journey and I’m thankful that it continues on. I hope that it never ends.

Rock out to Otep and do something creative today.



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