Metal Mornings 14 Fade To Black

A happy/sad song for today’s Metal Mornings episode 14 Metallica Fade To Black from Ride The Lightning. A live performance chosen for Kirk’s awesome intro guitar and James’s crisp, clear voice. This is rollercoaster of a song. The way the instruments are played is  what I think of as quiet-loud: the force comes from the notes played and the gaps between them. The power of Fade to Black isn’t simply the speed in which it’s played nor the volume. The two guitars take you up and down the scale while Lars Ulrich’s drumming wrenches you every which way. Lyrically, James is dark, and direct and he doesn’t hold back on the imagery of loss, regret and death. The guitar solo which closes the song is comprised of one of the greatest riffs in music history. You want to feel something? Then listen to Fade To Black alone in a quiet room, outside someplace, even your car. This song will propel you into headbanging and then make you pause to think on it all. An awesome song to wake up to. Metallica, Fade To Black.




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