Metal Mornings 15 Ignea ‘Alga’

Metal Mornings 15 An oriental metal band from Kiev, Ignea with their break out song Alga. Doodling around on YouTube and got lost in the labyrinth of symphonic metal where you listen to three songs and 48 minutes have gone by (lol lol lol) and came across Ignea, a band from the Ukraine that plays all types of modern metal. Vocalist Helle Bogdanova’s vocals are ethereal and her voice is what drew me in.  This song was recorded with a full symphony orchestra and the visuals are purposely stripped back, allowing the music to take center stage. This is progressive metal and its exciting to find new bands, especially metal bands with female memebers! that aren’t afraid to  explore instrumentation and vocals while still being unapologetically heavy. Ignea have a new album out February 17 can’t wait to hear it.

Happy Tuesday.


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