Metal Mornings 16 Black Sabbath ‘War Pigs’

Woke up this morning to the delightful news that Black Sabbath will be releasing a brand-spanking new best of collection that the guys have complied themselves. (Dances round bredroom and into the bathroom, kicks space heater over, cusses, continues dancing). To celebrate, Metal Mornings for this Wednesday is my favorite Sabbath song, War Pigs off their seminal, genre defining, sublime, deliciously drudgey, heavy, thick like molasses album, Paranoid (1970.) I will joyously play War Pigs, and then the entire album for most of today’s music listening hours.

I heart Tony Iommi. When was kid I wanted Tony to be my musical fairy godfather, and Miriam Makeba my musical fairy godmother. Miriam Makeba rocks, hard. Period. If only they could be like Tinkerbell and pop in and out to sprinkle a little musical awesome-dust over me and maybe take me on tour for an adventure of two. I was about 10 so this seemed entirely feasible at the time.

The set is titled The Ultimate Collection and will be available on February 2, two days before their final live performance after a whopping 45 years of touring! Lots of deep cuts are included (yay) and all the songs have been remastered by the renowned Andy Pierce (double yay).

Try not to knock into anything as you turn it up as loud and you can stand it. Horns up salute to the Gods of Heavy Metal, Black Sabbath, War Pigs.

Later folks, Aleksa.





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