Metal Mornings 18 Hatebreed ‘Destroy Everything’ ’nuff Said.

Metal Mornings today episode 18, the brutal force of Hatebreed, Destroy Everything.

“Destroy everything
Obliterate what makes us weak
Destroy everything
Decimate what threatens me
Destroy everything
So a new life can begin

Destroy everything

Rebuild and start again, again.”

Nothing more needs to be said*.

Do what you can for yourself & for those you care about today folks. If you’re marching stay safe, if you’re participating in the many live tweets or gaming chats may your words &  140s be crispy and if you’re kicking it solo take it easy & do you.

*Go and see Hatebreed live if you can. If my little 5’3″ self can survive the Hatebreed Pit, then so you can you. 🤘 Later dudes, Aleksa.



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