Metal Mornings 20 Pittsburgh Steelers Fight Song ‘Here We Go’

No its not Metal. Yes it’s cheesy and kinda gauche and totally goofball. You will give me a pass of this one because it’s AFC Championship day and our beloved, cherished Pittsburgh Steelers are playing those filthy cheats from New England. So today’s Metal Mornings is Here We Go, the fight song of Steelers Nation by singer-songwriter Roger Wood. I humbly dedicate this to all of Pittsburgh and our Steelers as we all prepare for today’s game. And if you think about it the idea of a fight song that we all sing together without embarrassment, dressed in matching outfits, waving a piece of yellow cloth is pretty metal. We’ve just swaped out the head banging, jeans and tshirts and off key screaming while jumping up and down in the pit. So yeah Roger Wood, horns up!.

Sing it loud and wave your Terrible Towel Steelers Nation. We’ve got this. HERE WE GO!


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