Metal Mornings 22 Devildriver Clouds Over California

Gosh I really like listening to Devildriver. Had to go with the classic Clouds Over California this morning as the weather over here on the west coast has not let up. We’ve gone from a blistering drought to a seeming never ending deluge of rain and cloud. This song always lifts my spirits. Dez Fafara’s low menacing growl and deep long screams are like getting a B-vitamin injection in your ears. I’m instantly energized and feel I could knock out a 5-miler in 20 mins flat (this is something I absolutely cannot do). The visuals for Clouds Over California are so cute. And yes cute is the word to use her: little kids stand in for the band, hair swinging, thrashing their instruments and playing up to the camera with hand gestures, glares and an attitude of total defiance. But they are still little kids and are so adorable in their metal band make believe. Devildriver tour extensively all across the metal-loving world and their pits are not for the timid. Here’s hoping the rain eases up soon and that Cali sunshine peaks through, even for a little while.

Oh aside from running, the groove in this song is more than suitable for more amorous activities either solo or with like-minded, consenting metal loving participants.

Happy Hump Day. Aleksa.


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