Metal Mornings 23 ‘Duality’ Live for Paul Gray

A return to Slipknot Vol.3 The Subliminal Verses this morning, have been playing this  album over the last few days, this time a live recording from Knotfest 2012, Slipknot’s  annual metal and hark rock live music festival. This is an interesting version of Duality, and it is played in tribute to the much loved and missed Paul Gray. You’ll notice a bass set up on the stage in tribute to him. This version is much slower than the recorded version and the way the song has been played live on more recount tours.  While the screams are just as chilling and brutal, the slower tempo fills out the sound a little more, the tone is a thicker and deeper, a lot more grimy than the album cut. The crowd has lots of energy singing along and fueling the mayhem in the pit. A metal singer who is just as strong live as on record is rare, heck any vocalist who is better live than on record is a unicorn. CT brings a truck load of raw emotion to this song and there are more than a few people with tears for Paul, this author included.

The pic is my finger from last year’s Knotfest @ the San Bernadino Amphitheater, scraped it on this dude’s belt while in the pit during Slayer’s set.  At least that’s what I think happened. I didn’t really register that it was jacked up until I felt blood running down my arm. Pit wounds are badges of honor, wouldn’t trade the scars for anything. Rest in Peace and Power Paul Gray.



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