Metal Mornings 24 Lars Ulrich Drum Solo In Honor of the Epic Roger Federer Rafael Nadal 2017 Australian Open Final

A little over an hour ago Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal completed an epic tennis match that just happened to be the final of the first Grand Slam of 2017. Three and a half hours of rollercoaster, thrills and spills tennis, flavored with forehand winners, majestic backhands, a score of aces from Federer, complete court coverage from Nadal and more ooohs and aaaahs, edge of your seat rallies than any of us could want. It was an epic final,  and I’m so buzzed even after having stayed awake all night to watch it. So in honor of Roger and Rafa’s wonderful match, Lars Ulrich the bright-eyed Danish tennis prospect who grew up to be an average tennis player but an awesome drummer is today’s feature on Metal Mornings episode 24. This is a drum solo from way back when, 1992 Pensacola Florida. Metallica in the 1990s was so fun. The band were just becoming known to a wider audience outside the metal kids and the punk kids. In 1992 everyone and their mom knew the words to Enter Sandman. Lars is a beast here, tight black jeans, no shirt, his trademark hair and those furious flailing arms. He plays a selection of songs and hams it up for the crowd by running around the drum kit in between cuts. Classic Metallica and classic Lars.

So thankyou Mr Ulrich, and a huge thankyou Messrs Federer and Nadal, that was a tennis final to remember. Happy Sunday Everyone, ✌️Aleksa.



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