Experiments In Cream 3 All The Coconut

It may still be Feburary and Punxsutawney Phil has just seen his shadow so we have six more weeks of winter, but damn it I want ice cream and Las Vegas weather has been in the 60s all week . So vegan coconut cream has been made, churned, chilled, photographed and devoured.

After some enthusiastic googling and pintresting (is that a verb or even a word?) In true experimental style I squished together two recipes to come up with my very own  vegan, nut free coconut ice cream that is creamy and soft and melty. I didn’t want to use cashews or bananas which are a staple of most vegan ice cream recipes, and not because I dislike banana or nut-based ice cream, but rather I wanted pure coconut. All the coconut. A snowy fluffy, smooth cool coconut explosion. And somehow on the first try I’ve almost achieved coconut ice cream nirvana.


Almost is good. Why you ask? This was delicious and there is space to make it even better texture wise and perhaps even taste wise. A little shaved toasted coconut folded in before churning. A splosh of Malibu liqueur. Isn’t splosh such a great word. A few shards of coconut sugar toffee sprinkled on top.

That’s the joy of experimenting you can always tweak it, flip it, made it better or worse. The beauty of the experiment is, you are always learning, especially when you botch it. Your fluff up lets you know what not to do, keys you in on how you can add or subtract, helps you polish and condense, distill, and hone in on what you’re really after. And in this experiment, there is always ice cream at the end.

Look how smooth it is and that’s not photo post-processing either. The ice cream was just that shiny and thick. Cool smoothness that was comforting and satiating at the same time. A perfect winter time ice cream.

Here’s what I did.

Get yourself one can of coconut cream and one can of coconut milk. Pour them both into a pan set over medium heat and bring up to a bare simmer. Once you see a few bubbles around the edge of the pan, scoop out a third of a cup of the warmed coconut mixture and pour it over two teaspoons of corn starch that you measure out in a seperate bowl. Mix that up into a slurry. Once its smooth and you could probably do that in a blender, tip it back into the pot, stir in a half a cup of raw or coconut sugar, a quarter cup of liquid sweetness, I used corn syrup, agave or honey or maple syrup would work as well. The taste would be a little different but hey that’s the fun in experimenting. Add one tablespoon of rum, I used Sailor Jerry because I always have it on hand and the coconut taste isn’t altered by it at all, and 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt. Turn the heat right down to low and give it all a stir to dissolve the sugar and let that simmer gently for five minutes. Stop yourself from drinking the warm cream straight from the pot. I literaly had to stop myself from guzzling the lot, it looks and smells like a warm milkshake, and carefully pour it into a container that is heat proof. Set it in the fridge overnight so it gets nice and cold. That’s all there is to it.

The next day pull out your ice cream maker, pour in the white milky goodness which is now a little thicker than when you last saw it, and churn away until its nice and thick. If your machine is heavy duty the ice cream may be thick enough to scoop and eat right from the machine. Lucky you. If not pour it back into a container that is ok for freezer use wait an hour or two and them scoop out into bowls or onto your favorite coronet or waffle cone. Devour. Smile. Lick your messy lips. Repeat as needed. And you will need it. And want to need it.

Experiments and Ice Cream.  All the fun. 🍦Aleksa.


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