Metal Mornings 27 Iron Maiden Wrathchild Live Happy Birthday to the Killers Album

It’s a Happy Birthday To The ‘Killers’ Album by Iron Maiden this morning, February 2 on Metal Mornings episode 27. Today’s choice is one of the funkiest groovies, get down and boogie heavy metal tracks that has ever been recorded, Wrathchild. This is a live version from The Rainbow and probably my favorite performance of this song. The great Paul Di’Anno has never sounded better and Clive Burr drums his heart out on this cut. It’s so, so good and the absolute best of Iron Maiden. I’m standing up and bopping around as I type this trying not to knock over the iPad.

A little note on dancing and heavy metal. Yes they do go together like peanut butter and jelly, like Milo and Otis, and like Punch and Judy. Don’t let these miserable metal heads tell you otherswise. Dance like no one is watching and even if someone is. Dance in whatever way you are able to. And yes if you’re dancing inside yourself, in your mind’s eye, that my friends is absolutely 100% dancing! Danincg and music are for everyone, and that includes your pet animals. My childhood dog and I would rock out most days to something loud and groovy and had so much fun doing it.  I’m gonna wear my Book Of Souls Maiden shirt today in honor of Iron Maiden and the ‘Killers’ album, a classic heavy metal album that more than holds up to this day. Fron to back, top to bottom each track is solid. The album artwork is totally metal from the skeleton, to the big hair, hand gestures and those dark moody moonlit storm clouds. The red Iron Maiden lettering makes the artwork pop out at you almost as if it were 3-D printed.

Wrathchild live, thank you Iron Maiden. It’s Boogie Time. 🤘Aleksa


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