Metal Mornings 30 Happy Birthday To Cliff Burton A Kickass Bass Solo of Anesthesia

Happy Birthday to Cliff Burton. Today’s Metal Mornings is an exquisite bass solo of Anesthesia performed by Cliff live at the Metro in Chicago. The sounds Cliff makes with his guitar in this piece are utterly hypnotic. Sludgy bass lines, thick and fat,  with a perfectly dialed in tone played by some of the nimblest fingers ever to touch a guitar. This is absurdly good. Devastatingly good. Almost intimidatingly good.

Cliff Burton was one of the best, many say the best of the best. His playing on the first three records Metallica made Kill ‘Em All, Ride The Lightening and Master of Puppets, remain some of the finest notes ever recorded on wax. The pace at which Cliff plays is obvious. Metallica is a thrash metal band so of course the songs are fast and breakneck and thrashy. But what else if there after the flashiness of bombast and speed?  Looking a little deeper the clarity and precision of Cliff’s hands is amazing given the ferocity with which Metallica play. These are whole albums full of six-plus minute songs in which the instruments are not faded out and lost in the background of the mix. Musicianship is at the forefront. You can clearly make out what instrument is being played and therefore how well or not the musician is able to play. And gosh could Cliff play. Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth) is from Metallica’s debut album, Kill ‘Em All. Right off the bat Cliff Burton was this good. Whew.

Enjoy Cliff playing the bass solo from Anesthesia. 

Happy Birthday Cliff Burton. You are truly missed.


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