Metal Mornings 31 Butcher Babies Monsters Ball

Metal cabaret for today’s metal mornings. Carla, Heidi and the boys (Henry, Jason & Chris) of Butcher Babies bring us a late-night club show as the setting for their scream-filled, kick to the head thrasher, Monsters Ball. Replete with sequined dressed, tuxedos and gothic horror film makeup, the band performs for similarly attired dinner guests who are sipping whiskey, drinking cocktails and becoming increasingly raucous as the song progresses. Literal monsters having a ball. Heidi and Carla showcase the strength of their voices on this song, delicate harmonies and a rather pretty melody are woven into a tapestry of heavy screaming anchored by thrash guitars. This song is a standout from the album ‘Take It Like A Man’, and this video is a riot. At the end there is a nice little nod to 90s MTV-era rock music videos with the audience and band merging into an impromptu mosh pit.

A loud, fast, get at it song to start the week. Butcher Babies, Monsters Ball.


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